The Washerwoman

The Washerwoman

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Vintage Bazaar in Frome. Saturday 29th October

These past few weeks have been lovely and sunny, so plenty of opportunity to photograph, price and sort all my new stock for The Vintage Bazaar at The Cheese and Grain in Frome on Saturday 29th October. Doors open at 9 am and the fair closes at 3 pm. Admission £2 for adults. Here are just a few "tasters" to get you in the mood. Further stall holder details can be found on The Vintage Bazaar blog.

  A beautiful Barbola basket - perfect for drying out hydrangeas ......

Lovely old metal stencils from France.

A pretty set of vintage knives and a floral cake plate to match!

A collection of old religious figures from France.

 Large leather bound books.....

This little gem has been causing quite a stir on my Instagram page!

I will also be bringing a selection of oil paintings...and a superb collection of original 1930's wall paper borders....

 I do hope to see you there, it is always a popular and very special event. There is a dedicated facebook page for updates. Do pop over to FB and "like" our page. Many thanks x

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Buttons and Haberdashery for sale

"Chick" vintage buttons on original card  ( each button just under 2 cms diameter) £12

 Three wooden painted buttons - just over 2 cm diameter £4.50

Blue plastic buttons - just over 2 cms diameter £3.50

Brown buttons - almost 2.5 cms diameter £3.50

Wooden buttons 2.5 cms in diameter £6 for 6 (more available)

Plastic rabbit buttons - just under 2.5 cms diameter £6 for 6 (more available)

 Small deco buttons £4.50

Blue vintage buttons from France - just under 2 cms diameter £6 (more of these available)

Small glass buttons from France £15

Small French buttons £15

French buttons 2 cms diameter £12

Red buttons from France 2 3/4 cms diameter £12

French buttons -3 cms diameter £12

Small dark green buttons - £3.50

1930s buttons - less than 2 cms diameter £6 (more available)

Green "workwear" buttons from France 2 1/4 cms diameter £4.50 (more available_

Yellow buttons under 2 cms diameter £4.50

Red French "workwear" buttons - just under 2 cms diameter £6

  Clear plastic buttons - approx 1 cm diameter £7.50

 Slightly larger size £2.50

 Pale blue French workwear buttons - just over 2 cm diameter £4.50 (more available)

 Darker blue French workwear buttons - just over 2 cm diameter £4.50 (more available)

 French buttons - almost 3 cm diameter £12

 Small red buttons - approx 1 cm diameter £12

  1960s yellow "Bill and Ben" buttons - 1.5 cm diameter £4.50 (more available)

Yellow buttons - approx 2 cm diameter £3.50

All items for sale, plus postage. Please email me ( if interested. Many thanks, Liz

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Dolls house and miniature collectors items for sale...

Having a bit of a Autumn clear-out here! All these dolls house and miniature items are for sale, so please message me if interested in buying. Prices shown, plus postage.

Dol-toi towel rail and loo - approx 1 16th scale £4.50 the pair - sold

 Dolls house irons £9 the pair - iron on the right 2 1/2 cms in length - sold

 1930's metal chairs - height to back of red chair 5 1/2 cms £8 the pair

 Triang Spot-on 1960s "Leisure" kitchen chairs with original boxes £15 for the 3 - Height to back of chair 5 cms. I also have the table to match these....

  Table £6

 Britains -dated 1983 Hospital bed 7 cms in length £6 - sold

 Britains figures - as found. Two are missing arms £5 the three

 Poultry - £6 for four

Lion and tiger £8 the pair

 1930's painted tin piano - missing it's paper keyboard £8.50 - height 5 cms

 1960s Triang Spot-on "G Plan" dining room chairs with original boxes £10 the pair - Height to back of chair 6 cms

1960's Triang Spot-on "Swanlyne" bathroom stool with original box £6

 Old tin dolls house window £7 - sold

 Early 20th century "yellow Cherry" wardrobe - missing feet. Height 13 cm including pediment £25

Vintage - possibly 1940's? plaster Wedding cake couple from France - height of bride 7.5 cms £28 the pair

  Metal on plaster French Religious figure 4.5 cms high £10

 Old wooden dolls house cupboard from France - doors open to reveal old paper image of a mother and daughter sewing.

 Height 15 cms £38

 Miniature Christmas wreath - measures approx 6 cms across £4

 Brush style Xmas tree on wooden base - Height 13 cms - looks great in a vintage dolls house £6

Set of 1960's/70's plastic cutlery etc. Height of candelabra 5 1/2 cms £8.50

 Early 20th century larger scale mug £8 - sold

Old plaster robin/cake decoration - approx 3 cms tall £6

 1930s metal gas ring - perfect for the dolls house bedsit! £12

1970s  Samuel Halfpenny dolls £10 pair

wooden Dol toi cot and plastic baby £8.50 - approx 4 cms long

Small scale (approx 1 /24th) painted tin bedroom set - 1930s £25 - condition worn. but very charming

Small scale metal railway building (has been used as a dolls house in the nursery) height 4.5 cms £7

Large scale painted metal telephone (slight damage/worn where the handset rests) £8.50 - sold

Set of metal pans - approx 12th scale £12

Early 20th Century ceramic jug £8

Pair of candlesticks £7 - sold

 Early 20th century miniature Doulton style pottery jug £8 - sold

 Hard to find 1930s painted wooden bathroom set by Pit-a-Pat £48 -if interested please email me for condition report.

Early 20th century miniature Wedgwood style mug £8

 Metal fireplace and hearth £20

 Romside tin chimney parts £3

 Old metal jug £7 - sold

 Pair of 1930's metal chairs £10 - sold

 Pair of painted plaster vintage Xmas figures - height 5 1/2 cms £8.50 pair

 Early plastic bird - height just under 5 cms £6

Metal hook with lion head decoration - just over 3 cms in height - £12

Much loved (worn!) vintage snowman figure £4.50 - height 5 cms

Vintage Father Xmas cake decoration £6 - height approx 6 cms

Metal hook with cherub/angel detail - height approx 4 cms £12

Resin dolls house cacti in pots - £10 for the set

 Larger scale wooden clock £10

 Romside tin fire place £5

 Painted wood kitchen corner unit £4

 1960s Triang Spot on Organ - plastic with lift-up mechanism - sadly missing paper keyboard £10

  Painted wood fridge £6

 1960s wardrobe, divan bed (missing headboard) and chair £12 for the 3

  Metal and plastic loo and hand basin £8 the pair

 Metal and plastic bath £8.50

Lamp (not working) £5

 Triang 1960s sofa and chair £8.50 the pair

Triang Spot on 1960s lilo £8 - sold, but I have more of these

 1930s overpainted metal Art Deco furniture £12 set

 "Twiggs" wooden cooker £8.50

 Kitchen cupboard with formica top £4.50

  Wooden painted kitchen sink £6

 1960s Barton Tudor sideboard £12

 Painted kitchen dresser £6

 Art Deco painted metal fireplace £25

  Family of Grecon dolls in need of restoration £24

Painted metal fire and grate, probably 1950s £12

"Electric" fire £4

Boxed Triang Spot on Plastic chest of drawers £10

Boxed Triang sofa £12

Wooden 1960s cooker £12

Three items Spot-on plastic food £8

 Boxed Triang Spot-on TV and table £10 -sold (more available - please email if interested)

Pair painted Barton chairs £4

 Dol toi TV £4

 Dol toi family £12

1960's Boxed convex mirror £10

 Please message me on if interested.