The Washerwoman

The Washerwoman

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Vintage Bazaar at The Cheese and Grain in Frome on Saturday 21st October

 Our next event is The Vintage Bazaar at The Cheese and Grain in the centre of Frome on Saturday 21st October. Post code BA11 1BE, Open from 9 am to 3 pm. Admission £2 for adults. Full details on the Vintage Bazaar blog or Facebook page.

We will be bringing a great selection of vintage nursery fabrics.......

....and plenty of old faded floral
  textiles from France.... well as vintage kid's clothing from France....

 old collectable toys....

 ...miniature goodies...

 Stunning Sanderson textiles suitable for curtains and light upholstery projects....

  Lace, haberdashery and bolts of beautiful tweed...

Hope to see you there! Lizzie

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Thank you!

 Thank you to all the super customers who came to The West Country Textiles weekend. It was fun meeting so many keen fabric lovers and sewing enthusiasts. We will announce next years dates very soon. In the meantime we have The Vintage Bazaar to look forward to at The Cheese and Grain in Frome on Saturday 21st October. Full details on the blog.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Dolls, toys, Nursery and doll house and miniature collectors items for sale...

Having a bit of a clear-out here! All these items are for sale, so please email me at if you have any questions and interested in buying. Prices shown, plus postage. Please note that these are collectors items, not toys.

1960s Doli Toi painted wooden drop-side cot. Height 6 cms £16.50

  Dol Toi 1960s painted chest of drawers. Height just under 6 cms. £17.50

  1960s wooden three-piece suite with flocked finish. Height to top of sofa 4 cms. £8.50

 1960s electric piano/organ and stool. Height 5.4 cms. £9.50

  Grecon girl doll wearing duffle coat (no label). Height 7.5 cms £30

 1960s Grecon Grandpa doll, height 9 cms. £30

rear view - showing label

 1960s wooden tile-effect fireplace. Height 5.5 cms £8.50

 Erna Meyer dolls house doll. late 1950s/early 1960s. metal hands and feet. Height 8.5 cms £30

 1960s Dolly Darling dolls house doll. Height 11 cms. £12.50

Dol Toi 1960s painted wooden dresser with opening drawers and doors. Height 10cms £16.50

1960s wooden coffee table, height 3 cms £8.50

1960s wooden bookcase, height just over 5 cms. £8.50

1950s painted metal washing basket, length 6.5 cms, height just under 3 cms £22.50

Grecon  girl doll, late 1950s/early 1960s. Height just under 6 cms. £30

rear view showing label

Early 1960s Grecon boy doll, height 6 cms. £30

rear view, showing label

 1950s FGT and sons painted cast metal electric fire, height just under 3 cms. £16.50

1960s Spot-on loo and basin, plastic and metal. Height of basin 6 cms. £12.50 the pair

1960s Spot-on standard lamp (non working) Height 10 cms. £12.50

 Hand blocked old wallpaper - blue flower design. 1 m x 47 cms including sturdy card tube and postage £19.00

 Early 20th century French wallpaper, suitable for larger dolls house projects, covering boxes, lining cupboards etc. 1.8 m x 46 cms £10 plus postage and packing (card tube) - sold

 I have used this pink latticed wallpaper, it is probably from the 1950s, but works well in earlier houses too. 2 metres x 53 cms £10 plus postage and packing (card tube) -sold. I do have another 2 metre length of this pink paper, so please email me if interested.....

Not sure if this is 1950s or 60s? But have used it in restoring old dolls houses in the past to good effect. 2m x 56 cms £10 plus postage and packing (card tube) £10 - reserved

  Length of delicate silk, suitable for dolls house projects/dolls clothes, image above shows the front and image below is the reverse. 38 x 6 cms. £10

A length of printed/woven faded old rose fabric, suitable for projects. Length 68 cms x just under 10 cms. £16

pale rose wool work/cross stitch piece.16 x 13 cms. £10

Length of woven fabric, would make a great dolls house hall runner or cut into rugs. 60 x 8 cms. £15

 dark rose wool work/cross stitch piece. 17 x 13 cms. £10

 Length of blue silk (may have been a book mark) 16 x 2 cms approx £8.50

 Very old and worn "Bear skin" dolls house rug - probably 1930s, made as a copy to the commercially made one by Triang. Length approx 14 cms £15

I have 2 of these in my collection, a great little piece for a 1960s house. Made in England, probably Kleeware. Height just over 3 cms. £5

 Metal head/wall mask, I have had this on the wall in a 1950s dolls house, but would suit a funky 1960s house. Height just over 3 cms £8.50

Blond 19th century bisque doll head. Height approx 2.5 cms £8.50

 1930s short pile sofa fabric (also known as cut moquette), great in period dolls houses - measures 38 x 41 cms £15

  19th Century Frozen Charlotte china doll - approx 3 cms high - £15

Five ceramic French miniature figurines, also known as French feves which are hidden in king cakes. They make great dolls house ornaments, the tallest is 4 cms £8.50 for the five

 1960s Barton wardrobe, but works well in 1940s houses as very "Utility" style. Height just under 10 cms £8.50

  Barton 1960s dressing table - height to top of mirror 7 cms - £8.50

Painted wooden kitchen appliance - not sure if meant to be a cooker or washing machine? Some chipping/paint loss. Height to top 7 cm. £8.50

  1950s/1960s German wooden dolls house trolley. Height 5.5. cms - one wheel has been replaced £10

 1960s painted wood Dol toi bath and sink. Length of bath 10.5 cms. £15 for the pair (please note one of the bath taps is damaged)

1960s painted wood Dol toi sink. Height to top of taps, just over 5 cms. £8.50

 Old miniature Swedish Dala horse - height just under 3.5 cms, with Made in Sweden label underneath. £10 - sold

 Flock covered metal miniature dog - height just under 6 cms £22.50

Early 20th century soft metal candelabra - height just under 7.5 cms £22.50

  Dark haired 19th century china doll head. Height 2.5 cms £8.50

  Lovely old china jug with bouquet of flowers - height approx 5.5. cms £10

  Early 20th century metal fireplace - height 10 cms £22.50

 Pair of vintage dolls house deckchairs - height approx 5.5 cms £25 the pair

 Ceramic sink - height 5 cms £8.50

 Late 19th century bamboo chair - height 10. 5 cms £15

  Early 20th small scale metal table - height 3.5 cms £24

 Old ceramic jug - height 3 cms £8.50

 1930s Fairylite painted metal bathroom sink - height just over 6 cms to the top of the splash-back £8.50

 Old metal dolls house watering can. Height 4.5 cms from base to the top of the handle. £22.50

1960's dolls house  plaster fireplace. Height 7 cms. width just under 9 cms. £15

  dolls house painted metal telephone £18

  Old trunk/money box, suitable to use in large scale dolls house. Height 5 cms. Scuffed and worn, but charming £10

 1950's/1960's painted wooden fireplace. Height just under 7 cms. £8.50

  Pair of old metal candlesticks. Height (excluding candles 2.5 cms) £8.50 the pair

Chinese style vase. Height 3.5 cms £6 - reserved

False teeth in a glass, toothpaste and toothbrush. Height of glass 1.5 cms £4.50

Heavy cast metal bath, possibly a sample, but suitable for a dolls house.
 Length 13.5 cms. Height approx 5 cms £25

base of bath - with writing

 shabby, but charming old doll. Height 14.5 cms £5

 1930's Tootsie Toy painted metal sink. height 4.5 cms £10

 Larger scale dolls house wooden table - height 9.5 cms £10

 Doll size/large scale set of nursery napkins etc £12 the set

Set of painted wooden drums, tallest is 6.5 cms £5 for the 3

 Little Bisque lady, just under 4 cms high £10  - reserved

Homemade fireplace, height just over 11 cms £16

 1970's miniature "Punch" (only one page) distributed by Dol toi for dolls houses - size 2.5 x 3 cm (closed) £1.50 each

  Set of 1960's wooden dolls house furniture £35

 latex/rubber doll. height just under 6 cms £4

1920's/1930's celluloid dolls and furniture - table leg is wonky and there are a few dents compatible with the age of these items. £25 for the set. Height of figures approx 5 cms

19th century American Stevens and Brown cast metal dolls house chair (overpainted) Height to back of chair 9.5 cms £18

1960's dolls house food -puddings are plastic and the ham is painted plaster (length of ham on plate 3.5 cms) £9 for the 3

Late 19th/early 20th century brass fender for the dolls house. Length 12 cms, height just under 3 cms (1 inch). Depth 4 cms £10 plus postage

  Metal on plaster French Religious figure 4.5 cms high £8.50

 Early plastic bird - height just under 5 cms £5

Metal hook with lion head decoration - just over 3 cms in height - £8 .50

 1960s Triang Spot on Organ and stool- plastic with lift-up mechanism - sadly missing paper keyboard £10

 Triang Spot-on Metal and plastic bath £4.50

  1930s painted metal sideboard - non-opening, height 5 cms £4.50

 Dinky Toys small scale metal table, would have been painted green, now "industrial metal look". Height 3 cms £5

  Dinky Toys small scale metal sink - some wear to the back, see image below. Height 4 cms £5

Blond 19th century bisque doll head. Height approx 2.5 cms £8.50

 1930s overpainted metal Art Deco furniture £10 set - sold

 Art Deco painted metal fireplace £20 - height 7 cms

 Please message me on if interested. Many Thanks, Lizzie